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Dr. Sunitha Sirivolu dentist at Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, FL understands how difficult it is to function with tooth pain, with her gentle touch she can help you get your smile back and get you out of pain for good.

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Tooth Fillings for Pain Relief

Dental fillings are among the most common ways to relieve tooth pain. Here’s a basic overview:

  • Numbness: The first thing Dr. Sirivolu will do is numb the area of the cavity.
  • Cleaning: Once the area is numb, she removes the decayed part of the tooth.
  • Filling: The final step in cavity pain relief—she places a filling made from a tooth colored composite.

Causes of Tooth Pain After Fillings

Fillings are used to replace the decayed area of a tooth, reducing the pain associated with the cavity itself. But tooth pain after filling a tooth is not unusual. Some common reasons for tooth pain after a filling include:

  • Tooth sensitivity: A tooth that has just had a filling placed will be more sensitive to hot foods and cold foods, air temperature, and the pressure of biting. This type of tooth pain after filling a cavity should resolve within a few weeks. If not, contact your Wellington, Royal Palm Beach dentist.
  • Cracked or loose tooth fillings: Tooth pain after filling a cavity can occur if the filling is not fitting properly to the tooth, or if it develops cracks. If you suspect that your tooth pain is caused by a cracked or ill-fitting filling, contact us.
  • Allergic reaction to tooth fillings: Some people have allergic reactions to the material used for their fillings, such as silver. To help avoid tooth pain after filling a cavity, be sure to tell your dentist about any allergies when discussing your filling choices.

How to manage tooth sensitivity/pain

You can help to reduce sensitivity by:

  • taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin)
  • temporarily avoiding hot or cold foods and drinks
  • temporarily avoiding acidic foods and drinks, such as citrus fruits, wine, and yogurt
  • gently brushing and flossing
  • using a desensitizing toothpaste
  • chewing with the opposite side of your mouth

A problem with your bite is the most common cause of sensitivity. Contact us as soon as possible if you think there’s a problem with your bite, which you may not notice until after the numbness has worn off. Dr. Sirivolu can adjust the filling so it better matches your other teeth. If the pain doesn’t resolve on its own after a few weeks, you may need to come back in for exam.

How long will the sensitivity/pain last?

Sensitivity from a tooth filling should go away within two to four weeks. If the sensitivity doesn’t seem to be getting any better during that time, or it lasts for longer than four weeks, contact your Wellington, Royal Palm Beach dentist.

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